Monday, October 16, 2017

RPL’s staff is comprised of licensed professionals with more than 100-years of collective experience who are dedicated to working with and assisting our clients with all facets of operations and management for waived and non-waived lab testing and compliance.

RPL’s products and services have been continuously validated by regulatory agencies since 1986. Whether a new or established lab, by following RPL’s Program, our clients have unanimously achieved successful inspection outcomes.


Rochelle P. Stewart, the Founder, President and CEO of RPL Laboratory Solutions® Inc., has extensive knowledge and practical experience in the areas of laboratory medicine, practice management and safety. Her background includes mid to upper management positions within healthcare organizations including multi-site facilities. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Medical Technology with a graduate degree in Business Administration. She holds the following licenses and certifications:

·         California State Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS) license (CDPH/LFS).

·         National certification in Medical Laboratory Science (MLS)CM with the American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP)

·         Qualification in Laboratory Compliance (QLC) with the American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP)

·         National certification as a Medical Technologist (MT) with American Medical Technologies (AMT)

·         Certified Laboratory Consultant (CLC) with American Medical Technologies (AMT

She served as an Expert CLIA Surveyor for CMS, an AMT committee member for the Laboratory Consultant Certification Program, an AMT committee member for the COLT Education, Qualifications and Standards Committee, and currently serves on the Editorial Advisory Committee for Clinical Lab Products® (CLP®) monthly publication.

Rochelle provides active on-site and remote support and consultative services to all of RPL's client labs throughout the nation.

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